On the Topic of Female Directors

The goal of this page is to provide easy access to information about female theatre directors across the country, if you would like to submit names to be added, please feel free to contact me. Please include the city name as well as any links to personal and organizational websites. Thanks!

In 2009 the Directors Guild of America found that out of its 967 new members in the year 2009, 72.1 percent were Caucasian males, 16.3 percent were Caucasian females, 8.3 percent were minority males and 3.4 percent were minority females. - New institute offers training for aspiring theater directors of diverse backgrounds by Marianne Combs at MPR News 11.6.2012

A study of creative crews drew some interesting results also. Only 24% of directors employed by the theatres during 2011-12 were women. Looking at creative crews as a whole (directors, designers, sound designers, lighting designers and composers) only 23% of the total employed were women. - Women in theatre: how the '2:1 problem' breaks down by Ami Sedghi in The Guardian (Clearly this isn't just a problem in the US and there seems to be more hard numbers in England.)

But when Roundabout Theatre’s Artistic Director Todd Haimes tells Healy, “I don’t feel an old boy’s club exists any more,” I fear he’s being disingenuous, even though he admits, “but statistics might disagree.”  While the women interviewed for Healy’s article paint a generally hopeful picture of their career prospects (only Tina Landau, who most recently directed Paula Vogel’s Civil War Christmas at New York Theatre Workshop, calls directing a “male-dominated tradition”), let’s admit it:  the glass ceiling persists. - On Women Directors... by The Feminist Spectator 2.7.2013

If anything, the people who annoy me most on this subject are the ones who tell you to shut up about it. These men and women are happy with the status quo. They play by its rules and it works for them. Good for them. We, who are unhappy with the status quo, have as much right to voice our opinions as they do. So, whatever you do, don’t you dare tell me to shut up about it. I couldn’t care less if you’re ‘sick of hearing about it’. You will keep hearing about it until it changes. We’re not just talking about it either, we are working to change it. And if you’re standing in our way, don’t be surprised when you soon find yourself on the wrong side of history. I want to see this change as much as anyone. I am a boy but I hate the boys’ club — it’s outmoded, greasy, and it stinks. - On false dichotomies and diversity. by Aral Balkan 1.8.2013


Women Directing Across the Country

Albuquerque, NM

Artistic Directors: Amelia Ampuero (Duke City Repertory Theatre), Juli Hendren (Tricklock Theatre Company), Hannah Kaufmann (Tricklock Theatre Company), Victoria Liberatori (Aux Dog Theatre), Colleen Neary McClure (West End Productions), Jacqueline Reid (Fusion), Laurie Thomas (Fusion), Julia Thudium (Mother Road Theatre Company)

Freelance Directors: Lauren Dusek Albonico (Vortex Theatre), Georgia Athearn, Katie Becker Colón (Duke City Repertory Theatre), Bridget S. Dunne, Kristin Elliott, Jane Hoffman, Debi Kierst, Christy Lopez, Elsa Menendez, Dodie Montgomery, Summer Olsson, Jessica Osbourne, Jacqueline Reid, Leslee Richards, Denise Schulz, Laurie Thomas, Kathleen Welker, Beth Welt


Ann Arbor, MI

Artistic Directors: Janice L Blixt (Michigan Shakespeare Festival)

Freelance Directors: Julia Glander, Kate Mendeloff, Carla Milarch, Debra Reichard


Athens, OH

Freelance Directors: Shelley Delaney


Atlanta, GA

Artistic Directors: Lisa Adler (Horizon Theatre Company), Susan Booth (Alliance Theatre), Christina Gift (Fabrefaction Theatre Company), Rachel May (Synchronicity Theatre Company)

Freelance Directors: Laura Cole, Veronika Duerr (The Weird Sisters Theatre Project), Shannon Eubanks, Kelly Criss Felten (The Weird Sisters Theatre Project), Betty Hart, Jaclyn Hofmann, (The Weird Sisters Theatre Project), Tess Malis Kincaid, Heidi Cline McKerley, Ellen McQueen, Sherri Sutton, Anne Towns


Austin, TX

Artistic Directors: Beth Burns (Hidden Room Theatre), Bonnie Cullum (Vortex Repertory), Madge Darlington (Rude Mechs), Natalie George (Fusebox Festival), Jenny Larson (Salvage Vanguard), Judy Matetzschk-Campbell (Pollyanna Theatre Company), Kate Meehan (Managing Director of La Fenice), Caroline Reck (Glass Half Full Theatre), Shawn Sides (Rude Mechs)

Freelance Directors: Andy Grapko, Megan Weaver 


Baltimore, MD

Artistic Directors: Carly J Bales (EMP Collective, Le Mondo), Tara Cariaso (Waxing Moon Masks), Genevieve de Mahy (Single Carrot Theatre), Lola Pierson (The Acme Corporation), Maggie Villegas (Producing Director at EMP Collective)

Freelance Directors: Raine Bode, Barbara Geary, Johanna Gruenhut, Michelle Minnick (Iron Crow Theatre Company), Lynn Morton (Glass Mind Theatre), Eve Muson, Melissa O'Brien, Rain Pryor, Jen Tydings


Bloomsburg, PA

Freelance Directors: Laurie McCants (Founding Ensemble Member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble)


Boise, ID

Artistic Directors: Tracy Sunderland (Migration Theory)


Boston, MA

Artistic Directors: Adrienne Boris (Exquisite Corpse), Bryn Boice (Anthem Theatre Company), Jackie Davis (New Urban Theatre Laboratory), Nora Hussey (Wellesley Summer Theatre), Danielle Fauteux Jacques (Apollinaire Theatre Company), Arianna Knapp (North Shore Music Theatre), Danielle Leeber (Boston Actors Theatre), Nora Long (Producing Associate of The Lyric Stage Company of Boston), Robbie McCauley (Roxbury Repertory Theater), Bridget O'Leary (Associate Artistic Director of New Rep Theatre), Diane Paulus (A.R.T.), Kate Snodgrass (Boston Playwrights' Theatre), Jane Staab (Wheelock Family Theatre), 

Freelance Directors: Akiba Abaka, Elena Araoz, Melia Bensussen, Adrienne Boris, Judy Braha, Ilana Brownstein, Kaitlyn ChantryCelia Couture, Krista D'Agostino, Lindsay Eagle, Lee Mikeska Gardner, Sarah Gazdowicz, Shana Gozansky, Lucy Gram, Louise Hamil, Adrianne Krstansky, Sue Kosoff, Lau Lapides, Caitlin Lowans, Corianna Moffatt (Company One), Courtney O'Connor, M. Bevin O'Gara, Jacqui Parker, Dossy Peabody, Paula Plum, Cecelia Raker, Emily Ranii, Patricia Riggin, Lois Roach, SerahRose Roth, Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Vicki Schairer, Dawn Simmons, Meg Taintor, Giselle Ty, Tara Brooke Watkins, Summer Williams


Boulder, CO

Artistic Directors: Pesha Rudnick (LOCAL Theater Company)


Burlington, VT

Freelance Directors: Christina Weakland


Charlotte, NC

Artistic Directors: Nicia Carla (PaperHouse Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Tonya Bludsworth, Glynnis O'Donoghue, Melissa Ohlman-Roberge, Kim Parati, Paige Johnston Thomas 


Chicago, IL

Artistic Directors: Caitlin Aase (The Jades), Meghan Beals (Chicago Dramatists), Janice L Blixt (A Crew of Patches), Erin Shae Brady (No Stakes Theater Project), Sydney Chatman (The Tofu Chitlin' Circuit), Devon de Mayo (Associate Artistic Director of Dog & Pony Theatre Company), Ann Filmer (16th Street Theatre), Barbara Gaines (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), Emmi Hilger (Something Marvelous), Janet Howe (Rediscover Theatre), Azar Kazemi (The Blind Owl), Tara Mallen (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble), Elizabeth Margolius, (DirectorsLabChicago), Bonnie Metzgar (About Face Theatre), Coya Paz (Free Street Theater), Lisa Portes, (Head of MFA Directing at The Theatre School at DePaul University and AD of Chicago Playworks), Anna D Shapiro (Steppenwolf Theatre Company), Jackie Taylor (Black Ensemble Theatre), Georgette Verdin (Interrobang Theatre Company), Teagan Walsh-Davis (The Jades), Beth Wolf (Midsommer Flight)

Freelance Directors: Laura Alcalá Baker, Elana BoulosSusan E. Bowen, Tara BranhamLili-Anne Brown, Megan Carney, Jo Cattell, April Cleveland, Emma Couling, Ilesa Duncan, Andrea Dymond, Shannon Ferrante, Kristin Franklin (Akvavit Theatre), Elly Green, Rachel Edwards HarvithJess Hutchinson, Chika Ike, Lavina Jadhwani, Kristen Johnson, Erin Kraft, Olivia Lilley (Runaways Lab Theatre), Elizabeth LoveladyMarti Lyons, Alex Mallory, Aileen McGroddy, Penny Metropulos, Amy Morton, Gaby Labotka, Taron Patton, Hayley RiceAshley Roberson, Rachel Rockwell, Lexi SaundersLydia Milman Schmidt, Joanie SchultzKimberly Senior, Sandy Shinner, Katherine Siegel, Arianna Soloway, Vanessa Stalling, Mignon McPherson StewartAmy Szerlong, Jessica Thebus, Erica Vannon, Kathryn Walsh (Two Pence Theatre Company), Erica WeissRobin WittMary Zimmerman


Cincinnati, OH

Artistic Directors: D. Lynn Meyers (Producing Artistic Director of Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati)

Freelance Directors: Eileen Tull, Tamara Winters 


Cleveland, OH

Artistic Directors: Celeste Cosentino (Ensemble Theatre), Laura Kepley (Cleveland Playhouse), Pandora Robertson (Ohio City Theatre Project), Beth Wood (Associate AD at Cleveland Public Theatre

Freelance Directors: Victoria Bussert, Bernadette Clemens (Mamai Theatre), Melissa T. Crum, Sheffia Randall Dooley, Faye Hargate (Cleveland Public Theatre), Meredith L. King, Caitlin Lewins (Cleveland Public Theatre), Sarah May, Christine McBurney (Mamai Theatre), Cathleen O'Malley (Cleveland Public Theatre), Tecia Wilson (Cleveland Public Theatre)


Crossville, TN

Freelance Directors: Amy London, director


Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

Artistic Directors: Tina Parker (Kitchen Dog Theater)

Freelance Directors: Andi Allen, Robin Armstrong, Phyllis Cicero, Cheryl Denson, Marianne T Galloway, Cynthia Hestand, Shelby-Allison Hibbs, Linda Leonard, Anne Nieman, Susan Sargeant, Vicki Washington, Wendy Welch, Ashley H. White


Denver, CO

Artistic Directors: Nataki Garrett (Associate AD of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts)

Freelance Directors: Nataki Garrett, Christy Montour-Larson, A. Lee Massaro, Jane Page


Detroit, MI

Artistic Directors: Sherrine Azab (A Host of People), Diane Hill (Two Muses Theatre), Molly McMahon (BoxFest Detroit), Sara Wolf Molnar (Water Works Theatre Company

Freelance Directors: Gillian Eaton, Yolanda Fleischer, Lavinia Hart, Yasmine Jaffri, Aku Kadoga, Nancy Kammer, Kelly Komlen-Amadei, Sarah Lucas, Annette Madias, Lisa Melinn, Carrie Morris, Kate Peckham, Suzi Regan, Frannie Shepherd-Bates, Karen Sheridan, Leah Smith, Jaclyn Strez, Jamie Warrow, Barbie Amann Weisserman 


Gainesville, FL

Artistic Directors: Lauren Warhol Caldwell (Hippodrome State Theatre)


Geneva, IL

Artistic Directors: Amber Mitchell (Stageworks Theatre Arts


Greensboro/Winston/High Point "Triad", NC

Freelance Directors: Sarah Hankins


Hartford, CT

Artistic Directors: Kristy Chambrelli (IN MEDIAS ARTS, Associate AD at Hartford Opera Theater)

Freelance Directors: Katherine Ray


Indianapolis, IN

Artistic Directors: Janet Allen (Indianapolis Repertory Theatre)


Jackson, WY

Artistic Directors: Macey Mott (Riot Act, Inc.)


Kansas City, MO

Artistic Directors: Cynthia Levin (Unicorn Theatre), Marissa Wolf (Director of New Works at KC Rep)

Freelance Directors: MacKenzie Goodwin-Tran, Erin Merritt, Heidi Van


Lansing, MI

Freelance Directors: Lynn Lammers (Williamston Theatre)


Las Vegas, NV

Freelance Directors: Sarah O'Connell


Los Angeles, CA

Artistic Directors: Che'Rae Adams (Los Angeles Writers Center), Kristen Boulé (2 Cents Theatre), Nancy Cheryll Davis (Towne Street Theatre), Sara Fenton (Just Add Dance), Caitlin Hart (The Vagrancy), Kate Jopson (The Flagship Ensemble, and Associate AD at Circle X Theatre Company), Julianne Just (The Speakeasy Society), Tanya Kane-Parry (Opera del Espacio), Kappy Kilburn, (Directors Lab West), Jessica Kubzansky (Boston Court), Marella Martin (Theatre Mab Town Hall), Debbie McMahon (Grand Guignolers), Janet Miller (Producing Director of Good People Theater Company), Danielle Ozymandias (Broads' Word Ensemble and Sacred Fools), Diane Rodriguez (Associate Artistic Director of Center Theatre Group), Laura Steinroeder (Red Cup Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Lindsay Allbaugh, Debbie Allen, Emilie Beck, Caitlin Bower, Juliette Carrillo, Jennifer Chambers, Shana Cooper, Shirley Jo Finney, Kelly Ford, Shana Gold, Kristin Hanggi, Caitlin Hart, Larissa Kokernot, Armina LaManna, Beth Lopes, Alexis MacNab, Marya Mazor, Marina McClure, Gates McFadden, Amanda McRavenAnn P Meredith, Zoe Aja Moore, Lynne Moses, Nancy Dobbs Owen, Alexis Poledouris, Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, Annie Saunders, Deena Selenow, Casey Stangl, Miranda Stewart, Laura Stribling, Randee Trabitz, Olivia Trevino, Carly D. Weckstein, Amanda Weier (Open Fist Theatre Company), Elissa Weinzimmer, Becca Wolff, Laurie Woolery, Tracey Young


Louisville, KY

Artistic Directors: Kathi E.B. Ellis (Looking for Lilith Theatre Company), Meredith McDonough (Associate AD at Actors Theatre of Louisville)

Freelance Directors: Amy Attaway


Madison, WI

Artistic Directors: Jen Uphoff Grey (Forward Theatre Company)


Miami/Ft Lauderdale/West Palm, FL

Artistic Directors: Kim Ehly (Kutumba Theatre Project), Margaret Ledford (City Theatre's Summer Shorts), Rosalie Grant (Sol Children Theatre and Evening Star Productions), Katherine Siegel (Lost Girls Theatre), Nicole Stoddard (Thinking Cap Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Elizabeth Abad, Genie Croft, Gail Garrisan, Liz Harbaugh, Carey Brianna Hart, Pamela Rosa Hayes, Elizabeth Price, Katie Segal, Kim St. Leon


Milwaukee, WI

Freelance Directors: Lindsey Erin, Sandy Ernst, Suzan Fete, Laura Gordon, Leda Hoffmann, Angela Iannone, Mary MacDonald Kerr, Pam Kriger, Michelle Lopez-Rios, Mallory Metoxen, Molly Rhode, Paula Suozzi, Jenny Wanasek, Tami Workentin


Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

Artistic Directors: Claire Avitable (20% Theatre Company), Hayley Finn (Associate Artistic Director at The Playwrights' Center), Jennifer Harrington (Gonzo Group Theatre), Wendy Knox (Frank Theatre), Laura Leffler-McCabe (Savage Umbrella), Bonnie Morris (Producing Director of Illusion Theater), Natalie Novacek (Loudmouth Collective), Stacey Poirier (Theatre Unbound), Faye Price (Pillsbury House Theatre), Victoria Pyan (TEASE- The Easy Access Script Experience), Sarah Rasmussen (Jungle Theater), Noel Raymond (Pillsbury House Theatre), Amy Rummenie (Walking Shadow Theatre Company), Cassandra Snow (Gadfly Theatre Productions), Kathy Welch (Green T ProductionsThe Old Gem Theater), Amanda White Thietje (Managing Director at Mixed Blood Theatre, and co-AD at DalekoArts)

Freelance Directors: Lisa Channer, Leah Cooper, Erin Fenster, Jessica Finney, Mary Finnerty, Michelle Hensley, Aditi Kapil, Christine Nelson Karki, Sari Ketter, Anya Kremenetsky, Wendy Lehr, Marcela Lorca, Suzy Messerole, Kate PowersCynthia Uhrich, Jennie Ward, Karen Weber


Greater Minnesota

Freelance Directors: Mishia Burns Edwards (The Chameleon Theatre Circle)


New Orleans, LA

Artistic Directors: Aimée Hayes (Southern Rep)


New York, NY

Artistic Directors: Kendra Augustin (Leela NYC Theatre Festival), Sarah Benson (Soho Rep), Michole Biancosino (Project Y Theatre), Anne Bogart (SITI Company, Head of the MFA Directing Concentration at Columbia University), Rachel Chavkin (The TEAM), Jess Chayes (The Assembly), Liz Diamond (Chair of the directing department at the Yale School of Drama), Rachel Dickstein (Ripe Time), Shannon Fogarty (Mabou Mines), Wendy C. Goldberg (Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, National Playwrights Conference), Rosemary Hay (REV Theatre Company), Young Jean Lee (Young Jean Lee's Theater Company), Gwynn MacDonald (Juggernaut Theatre Company), Ashley Marinaccio (Co-Op Theatre East), Alisa Matlovsky (DottedLine Stage), Lynn Meadow (Manhattan Theatre Club), Renee Philippi (Concrete Temple Theatre), Cara Reichel (Prospect Theater Company), Jen Sandella (Random Access Theatre), Marci Elyn Schein (Little Fig Stage), Sarah Cameron Sunde (Co-founder of Lydian Junction and Deputy Artistic Director of New Georges)

Freelance Directors: May AdralesSuzanne Agins, Maria Aitken, JoAnne Akalaitis, Tea Alagic, Kathleen Amshoff, Mia Y. Anderson, Melisa Annis, Gyda Arber (The Fifth Wall), Arin Arbus, Marcy Arlin, Melanie S. Armer (Nerve Tank), Julia Lee Barclay, Jessica Bauman, Ilana Becker, Vivienne Benesch, Melia Bensussen, Pam Berlin, Pat Birch, Sash Bischoff, Jo Bonney, Jaki Bradley, Carolyn Cantor, Gisela Cardenas, Martha Clark (Pilobolus), Amy Anders Corcoran, Karin Coonrod, Graciela Danielle, Lear DeBessonet, Amanda Dehnert, Pat Diamond, Rachel Dickstein, Dana Dobreva, Marcia Milgrom Dodge, Kristy Dodson, Annie Dorsen, Dina Epshteyn, Miriam Eusebio, Estefanía Fadul, Meghan Finn, Melissa Firlit, Inés García (Osomocene Productions), Leah C. Gardiner, Jackson Gay, Barrie Gelles, Stephanie Gilman, Rose GinsbergElissa Goetschius, Connie Grappo, Lillian Groag, Ellie Heyman, Kimberly Faith Hickman, Kristin Horton, Alicia Dhyana House, Marlo Hunter, Judith Ivey, Sheryl Kaller, Anne Kauffman, Lauren Keating, Alex Keegan, Kirsten Kelly, Melissa Kievman, Rachel KleinTalya Klein, Karen Kohlhaas, Megan Elieen Kosmoski, Emilyn Kowaleski, Helene Kvale (Bated Breath Theatre Company), Tina Landau, Elizabeth LeCompte (The Wooster Group), Katie Lindsay, Sara Lyons, Pam MacKinnon, Ellen Maguire, Kathleen Marshall, Rebecca Martinez, Wendy McClellen, Marina McClure, Patricia McGregor, Maria Mileaf, Beth Milles, Kym Moore, Gloria Muzio, Lila Neugabauer, Caitlin O'Connell, Annie-B Parsons, Passion, Katie Pearl, Lisa Peterson, Angela Kay Pirko, Phylicia Rashad, Katherine Ray, Alice Reagan, Ann Reinking, Colette Robert, Lisa Rothe, Mia Rovegno, Amy Saltz, Jill Samuels, Christine Sang, Giovanna Sardelli, Laura Savia, Erica Schmidt, Joanna Settle, Aliza Shane, Daphnie Sicre, Leigh Silverman, Elyse Singer, Melissa SkirbollJess K. SmithEmerie SnyderShana Solomon, Rachel Black SpauldingHilary Spector, Keturah Stickann, Susan Stroman, Rebecca Taichman, Julie Taymor, Sherry Teitelbaum, Mei Ann Teo, Liz Thaler, Liesl Tommy, Daniella Topol, Michele TravisLeta TremblayGaye Taylor Upchurch, Lucie Tiberghian, Tomi Tsunoda, Nicole A. Watson, Christina Weakland, Kim Weild, Lily Whitsitt, Kate Whoriskey, Monica Williams, Jen Wineman, Deborah Wolfson, Jenna Worsham (The Middle Voice), Ran XiaEvan Yionoulis (Yale School of Drama), Pirronne Yousefzadeh, Francesca Zambello


Omaha, NE

Artistic Directors: Kimberly Faith Hickman (Omaha Community Playhouse)

Freelance Directors: Sarah Carlson-Brown (Nebraska Shakespeare), Stephanie Jacobson (Omaha Theatre Company and The Rose)


Orlando, FL

Freelance Directors: Anna Carol


Peekskill, NY

Artistic Directors: Katie Schmidt Feder (Executive Director at EMBARK|Peekskill)


Philadelphia, PA

Artistic Directors: Jennifer Childs (1812 Productions), Lisa Jo Epstein (Gas & Electric Company), Adrienne Mackey (Swim Pony), Blanka Zizka (Wilma Theater)

Freelance Directors: Abigail Adams, Krista Apple, Gedney Barclay, Samantha Bellomo, Suzana Berger, Deb Block, Cara Blouin, Carly Bodnar, Tina Brock, Karen DiLossi, Anne Marie Cammarato, Liz Carlson, Candace Cihocki, Jess Conda, Ginger Dayle, Emmanuel Delpech, Elaina Di Monaco, C Ryanne Domingues, Polly Rose Edelstein, Allison Emmerich, Amber Emory, Lee Etzold, Rebecca May Flowers, Charlotte Ford, Kate Galvin, Allison Garrett, Tamanya Garza, Arianna Gass, Brenna Geffers, Anisa George, Karen Getz, Amanda Grove, Jill Harrison, Allison Heishman, Jenna Horton, Candra Kennedy, Dyana Kimball, Maura Krause, Ryanne Laratonda, Kathyrn MacMillan, Rebekah Maggor, Manon Manavit, Deb Marcucci, Nicole Miller Marks, Sarah Mitteldorf, Maria Möller, Claire Moyer, Sebastienne Mundheim, Gigi Naglak, Charlotte Northeast, Megan O’Brien, Erlina Ortiz, Malika Oyetimein, Michelle Pauls, Lizzy Pecora, Martina Plag, Harriet Power, Nora Quinn, Erin Reilly, Iraisa Ann Reilly, Rebecca Rich, Gwen Rooker, Jen Rose, Sarah Sanford, Chelsea Sanz, Sarah Scafidi, Rebecca Schaffer, Phoebe Schaub, Jessica Schwartz, Joanna Settle, Micki Sharpe, Catharine Slusar, Amy Smith, Eva Steinmetz, Elizabeth Stevens, Sam Tower, Meg Trelease, Mary Tuomanen, Daniella Vinitski, Meghann Willians, Becky Wright


Pittsburgh, PA

Artistic Directors: Karla Boos (Quantum Theatre Company), Tracy Brigden (City Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Sheila McKenna, Monica Payne


Portland, ME

Freelance Directors: Ann Tracy 


Portland, OR

Artistic Directors: Asae Dean (Salt and Sage Productions), Sarah Jane Hardy (Northwest Children's Theatre and School), Elizabeth Huffman (Chain Reaction), Meg Patterson (Astoria Theatre Festival), Rose Riordan, (Associate AD of Portland Center Stage), Gemma Whelan (Corrib Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Lava Alapai, Adriana Baer, Jane Bement Geesman, Ashley HollingsheadJenn HunterJan Powell, Nelda Reyes, Olga SanchezMegan Kate Ward


Princeton, NJ

Artistic Directors: Emily Mann (McCarter Theatre Center)


Providence, RI

Artistic Directors: Aimee Turner (Ocean State Theatre Company)

Freelance Directors: Vanessa Gilbert, Pat Hegnauer, Taibi MagarKym Moore


Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill "Triangle", NC

Artistic Directors: Rebecca Blum (Managing Director of Nickel Shakespeare Girls), Ellen Hemphill (Archipelago Theater), JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell (Black Ops Theatre Company), Kathyrn Hunter-Williams (Hidden Voices), Lauren Kennedy (Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy at Theatre Raleigh), Dana Marks (Managing Director at Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern), Jules Odendhal-James (Associate AD Manbites Dog Theater), Deb Royals (The Justice Theater Project), Heather J. Strickland (Bare Theatre), Wendy Ward (Ward Theatre Company), Michelle Murray Wells (Sonorous Road Productions)

Freelance Directors: Hope Alexander, Talya Klein, Rachel Klem, Jody McAuliffe, Mia Self


Rochester, NY

Freelance Directors: Cara D'Emanuele, Elissa Goetschius


San Diego, CA

Artistic Directors: Delicia Turner Sonnenberg (Moxie Theatre)

Freelance Directors: Lisa Berger, Carrie Klewin LawrenceMonica Stufft


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Artistic Directors: Amanda Folena (Broadway by the Bay), Loretta Greco (Magic Theatre), Lisa Mallette (City Lights Theater Company), Jubilith Moore (Theatre of Yugen), Amy Mueller (Playwrights Foundation), Carey Perloff (American Conservatory Theater)

Freelance Directors: Lucinda Alipio, Suze Allen, Caroline Altman, Lynda Bachman, Paula Barish, Suzanne Birrell, Erin Blackwell, Brady Brophy-Hilton, Ana-Catrina Buchser, Anna Budd, Jessica Burgess, Amy Crumpacker, Lesley Currier, Diahanna Davidson, Aine Donnelly, Kimberly Dooley, Virginia Drake, Lisa Drostova, Carol Eggars, Joy Brooke Fairfield, Amy Glazer, Gina Marie Hayes, Jessica Heidt, Kimberly Mohne Hill, Melissa Hillman, Jenny Hollingworth, Jessica Holt, Diane Jackson, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Soumyaa Kapil, Kat Kneisel, Marilyn Langbehn, Chelsey Little, Rebecca Longworth, Jill MacLean, Susannah Martin, Leslie Martinson, Mina Morita, Laylah Muran, Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Crystal Nezgoda, Molly Noble, Rebecca Novick, Tracy Held Potter, Elkhanah Pulitzer, Ginny Reed, Heather Noelle Robinson, Donna Scheer, Sara Staley, Robin Stanton, Amy Clare Tasker, Ann Thomas, Maureen Towey, Lisa Tromovitch, Tracy Ward, Janice L. Wessner, Quinn Whitaker, Dawn Monique Williams, Marissa Wolf, Torange Yeghiazarian


Santa Barbara, CA

Freelance Directors: Risa Brainin


Saratoga Springs, NY

Freelance Directors: Holly Derr


Savannah, GA

Artistic Directors: Sharon Ott (Chair of the School of Theatre at the South Carolina School of Art)


Seattle, WA

Artistic Directors: Meghan Arnette (Live Girls! Theater), Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth (Parley Productions), Valerie Curtis-Newton, (Head of Performance at the University of Washington's School of Drama), Samie Spring Detzer (Washington Ensemble Theatre), Kathy Hsieh (Executive Producer of SIS Productions), Kelly Kitchens (Interim AD at Seattle Public Theatre), Annie Lareau (Interim AD at Seattle Public Theatre), Myra Platt (Book It Repertory Theatre), Bobbin Ramsey (The Horse In Motion), Tootsie Spangles (The Libertinis)

Freelance Directors: Maggie Carrido Adams, Leah Adcock-Starr, Meaghan Arnette, Julie BeckmanL. Nicol Cabe, Zandi Carlson, Desdemona Chiang, Sheila Daniels, Rachel DelmarNorah Elges, Rita Giomi, Linda Hartzell, Jessica Hatlo, Rosa Joshi, Marya Sea Kaminski, Darian Lindle, Arlene Martinez-Vazquez, Anita Montgomery, Jackie Moscou, Erin Murray, Kate Myre, Allison Narver, Lisa Norman, Pilar O'Connell,  Amy Poisson, Makaela Pollack, Tina Polzin, Catherine Blake Smith, Jess K. Smith, Christine Sumption, Kristina Sutherland, Terry Weagant, L. Zane


St Louis, MO

Artistic Directors: Deanna Jent (Mustardseed Theatre), Christina Rios (R-S Theatrics), Kathleen Sitzler (New Jewish Theatre

Freelance Directors: Sarah HoltJacqueline Thompson


Tempe, AR

Artistic Directors: Brenda Jean Foley (The Bridge Initiative), Tracy Liz Miller (The Bridge Initiative)

Freelance Directors: 


Washington, DC

Artistic Directors: Kathleen Akerley (Long Acre Lea), Catherine Aselford (The Georgetown Theatre Company), Cecilia Cackley (Wit's End Puppets), Thembi Duncan (Young Playwrights' Theater), Jenny McConnell Frederick, (Rorschach Theatre and Interim Deputy Director & Director of Artistic Programs at Cultural DC), Roberta Gasbarre (Discovery Theatre), Allyson Harkey (Pinky Swear Productions), Eleanor Holdridge (Head of Directing at Catholic University), Christine Lange (Grain of Sand), Karen Lange (Pinky Swear Productions), Sabrina Mandell (Happenstance Theater), Ali Miller (Managing Director of American Ensemble Theater), Helen Pafumi (Hub Theatre), Mary Resing (Active Cultures), Molly Smith (Arena Stage), Allison Stockman (Constellation Theatre Company), Seema Sueko (Deputy AD Arena Stage), Mary Hall Surface (INTERSECTIONS)

Freelance Directors: Tia Shearer Bassett, Megan Behm, Lise Bruneau, Kasi Campbell, Annalisa Dias, Jenna Duncan, Renana Fox, Kari Ginsburg, Elizabeth Hagerty, Ty HallmarkAmber Paige McGinnisJessica Lefkow, Linda Lombardi, Heather McDonald, Jennifer Nelson (Mosaic Theater), Angela Kay Pirko, Amelia Powell, Natsu Onoda Power, Juanita Rockwell, Toni Rae Salmi, Shirley Serotsky, Lynn Sharp Spears, Bridget Grace SheaffMarie Byrd Sproul, Catherine Tripp, Rebecca Wahls, Samantha K. Wyer, Joy Zinoman (Studio Theatre)